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Sports Performance Reward Fund (SPRF Nigeria)s.

To achieve this, the Fund is working to raise an initial N1 billion Naira that will go directly to rewarding and enabling generations of Nigerian Sports men and women through well defined, transparent and objective ways.


To make sports in Nigeria an oasis of excellence that is athlete centred, coaches led, private sector driven with an enabling environment from government. To position athletes by the assurance of this reward to create wealth for themselves, their families and ultimately, for the nation


To ensure that talented sports men and women, their coaches, parents, managers and institutions can be super motivated by the knowledge that they have set and sure rewards for success at the Olympics, Commonwealth, All Africa Games and major world championships to invest time and money to produce world class sports men and women for Nigeria.

The Fund – A quick overview

This is a private sector initiative that will reward athletes for podium success at the Olympics, Commonwealth and the All Africa Games as well the world championships in the major sports.

The fund will go directly to rewarding the athletes. The board will be made up of well-placed and highly reputed private sector individuals cutting across the nation.

For instance, by the plan, Olympic Gold medalists will get N10 million Naira, Silver N7.5million and Bronze N5 million. Commonwealth Gold will get N5 million Silver 3 million and Bronze N1.5 million.

We are super sure that the fund will move the attention of our youth massively to sports and attract considerable private sector participation and investment in sports. More importantly, it will put the destiny of our sporting youth in their own hands.

Parents, coaches and communities who have talented sports children will know what they stand to gain from day one if they invest and put in the hard work and sacrifice.

The Endowment Fund is set to raise one billion Naira which we are sure we can raise before the next Olympics.

We could raise more. We are sure we can get 1000 Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to give N1 million each and the target is achieved. Some individuals, corporate organizations, Government Agencies and the different levels of government can obviously give more and this money will be there for our sports men and women for as long as Nigeria exists.

Most of our youth will think sports, eat sports and dream sports.

The fund will be most transparently run. All donations contributions and earnings will be in the public domain with regular updates in the media and on the website.

We can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful. Just together. The Sports Performance Reward Fund is a private sector initiative t0 reward athletes for podium success


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